Blooming In New Life

yellow rose  

Well,  God is sure testing us Minnesotans this year. I'm writing this blog entry on March 24th while snow is falling, the lakes are still frozen solid and there is no hint of green. Ugh!  I am so aching for that thermometer to register over 50 degrees, to hear the birds chirp and to see that first sprout pop up out of the filthy muddy ground. New life!  That’s what I am yearning for. It does make me thankful, however, that we don’t have to wait for new life to spring into our spiritual souls. It can begin as soon as we ask for it.

Do me a favor and pretend you are a flower bud still closed up. Go ahead, I’m sure no one is watching.smiley face  I'm guessing you are probably crouched down all tightened up. How does that feel?  When I do this I feel uncomfortable, uptight, tense, focused inward. Okay now open yourself up and bloom like a beautiful flower. I assume you put your arms up, held your face to the sky and maybe even smiled. I’m also assuming that you are really doing this! lol But doesn’t this blooming position feel so much better?! God wants us to joyfully bloom like this –to open our hearts, lift up our arms, turn our eyes to Him so we can see Him, soak up all His glory and goodness and become beautiful to all those around us. 

We will have spring; we can be assured of that, despite our doubts, just as we can be assured of our new life in Christ. He promises to grow you into a beautiful budding flower. Open up and let the blooming begin!

In Christ you are a new creation, the old has gone, the new has come.
2 Corinthians 5:17

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