Eagle Picture in "My Hero" video

Our goal in making the video for the song "My Hero" was to honor those who put their lives on the line for others, whether it be soldiers, firefighters, policemen, and then relate that sacrifice to what the Greatest Hero of all time did for us. When we thought about what images to use in the video, we immediately remembered the picture of the eagle on the tombstone at Fort Snelling Cemetery.  This was a photograph taken by Frank Glick featured in the Star Tribune that went viral.  It is an image that moves people to tears!  It was such an honor to meet Frank and his girlfriend, Jo, and to get their permission to use this photo in the video. Also, to see how they have used this photo to honor military heroes all over the world was overwhelming. But I can't forget to tell you what makes this picture extra meaningful to us. My husband's grandfather, Ralph Julian Nelson, is buried here.  His tombstone is captured in the bottom right of the photo. Cool, huh?! 

The Eagle on the Tombstone at Fort Snelling

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