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cindyatpianoFinding Your Passion

Do you have a passion?  This is one of my favorite topics to speak on because I watch people go from being confused and frustrated, “I don’t have a passion,” to getting a twinkle in their eye, to talking fast and furious, about something they discover they are passionate about. I guess I’m passionate about helping people find their passions because I’m typing really fast right now!


Four Steps to Finding Your Passion:


1.  Inventory your gifts and talents.

These are the natural talents and abilities you were born with and the spiritual gifts God gives every believer. Don’t know what your spiritual gifts are? Google “spiritual gifts inventory” and find out!


2.  Evaluate your experiences.

Think of your life experiences and don’t forget about the challenges you’ve endured. Many times, God will use you to bring hope and healing to others based solely on a trial you went through and survived.


3.  Dream

What are your desires, hopes, interests and ambitions? Don’t forget to dream big!


4.  Go to God, your Creator.

He is the one who made you and knows you inside out.


I discovered my passion for songwriting after reading The Purpose Driven Life  in a Bible Study group at our church. I got stuck on the question “What are you doing when you lose track of time?” I couldn’t think of anything and was jealous of others in my group who knew what their passions were. Author, Pastor, Rick Warren, suggested doing something if you weren’t sure what your passions were that I thought was so profound. He suggested going to God. 

God? Hmm. Up until this point I had looked everywhere for what I was made to do or be in life; society, personality tests, talent surveys, self-help books, Oprah. These were all helpful but I never thought of going to the One who made me in the first place, my Creator.  So I did this. I started praying for a passion, which seemed rather trivial at the time.


A few weeks later, while my husband was away on a fishing trip, I got my two boys to bed, put in my new Eagles CD and plopped down on the couch to finally have some down time.  Paging through the CD jacket, I started reading the lyrics and what inspired the artists to write each song. Then I began to write “searching for a purpose…wishing for a passion…God reveal Your plan for me.” I walked over to our new piano and clumsily plunked out a melody. Feeling a bit tired, I glanced at the clock. It was 2:00 am! I had lost track of time! God had listened to my seemingly “trivial” prayer by giving me an answer I never would have dreamed of - a passion to write music!


I tell you that story first, to encourage you to keep an open mind. Consider things you’ve never considered before and secondly, don’t forget about your Creator in the process. He knows you better than anyone.


Finding your passions is an exciting lifelong journey. Have fun with it!


By the way, those lyrics I mentioned eventually developed into my first song called, “Searching For a Purpose.” I’d like to give you a free mp3 of this song just for reading this blog. You can get it by clicking the link below.


Free mp3 “Searching For a Purpose”



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