Light Therapy

lighttherapypicI am currently undergoing light therapy. I have 10,000 lux of light shining on my face and it’s making me happy. You see, after coming home from a week in the sunny Caribbean, I found myself battling the “blahs” of cloudy Minnesota grey. I was amazed at how my mood was so affected by the light, or lack thereof. Could light be that powerful? After doubting and fighting it for several days, I decided to invest in a therapy lamp. The manual for my sunlamp says just 15-30 minutes a day of light therapy can make a difference in your mood, especially if you do this repeatedly for more than three days straight. Even though I was still a bit skeptical, I tried it, and am now a believer in the light! 

I am also a believer in the light of Jesus. If I can soak up at least 15-30 minutes a day of His light; learning about Him, praying to Him, trying to be more like Him, I bet that would also very positively and powerfully affect my mood. Then, what if I reflected that light onto others?  What if I could be light therapy to someone else? Just 15-30 minutes a day…  Here’s three ideas I came up with in how I could do this:

1.  Pick up the old-fashioned phone and call a friend who is struggling instead of just sending a quick convenient text.

2.  Invite someone to coffee that I suspect might be fighting the blahs too.

3.  Greet my family cheerfully when they walk in the door, attentively listening to them instead of nagging about things they should do.

Speaking of family, what if I shined light on them for 15-30 minutes a day for more than three days straight? I think my house might become brighter, despite the grey outside!

Yes, light is powerful and positively affects your spirit! Get your light therapy every day and be light therapy to others!


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