Not Gonna Worry Vlog Episode 2: Have a Worry Session

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Welcome Back Worry Warriors!

I hope you've decided to fight away worry and win back all the things worry has taken away from you.  In this next video I want to give you something you can use right now.  It's what I call having a "Worry Session".  Here is what you do:

  • Set a time of day to have your worry session.
  • Throughout the day, anytime you start to worry, tell yourself "Not now. I'm gonna worry about that at (whatever time you set)." This tricks your mind to dismiss it.
  • Then when it's time to have your worry session, take out pen and paper or something to write with.  
  • Write out a list of all your worries.  Writing is very important because it helps connect the "fight or flight" part of your brain where worry and anxiety hold all their parties with the logical rational part of your brain.  The logic then exposes the irrationality and craziness of your worries.
  • Pray about all your worries.

Then for the fun part- cross them off, crumple the paper up, rip it up, flush it down the toilet, burn it.......  because you're done! The worries will be gone.  And if they come back again tomorrow, then do it all over again.  Have another worry session.  And pretty soon you will be free!  

Keep fighting the fight my Worry Warriors!  Until next time...


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