Video Shoot - like having a baby

The video of "My Hero" will be released any day now and a lot of people have asked me what it was like to shoot a video.  I have a great analogy for you- It was just like having a baby!  Upon deciding to go ahead and try to make a video we chose the doctors/directors (TKO Productions), the place I would have it (my home church -Westwood) and what the birth plan was going to be (me playing the piano and singing on stage with candles and black curtain behind - no epidural).  My husband, Jim would be in the room and there would be cameras allowed. I arrived with my suitcase packed full of all different outfits with matching shoes, jewelry, etc.  I was so excited that the day had finally arrived, yet so nervous and scared at the same time.  I set everything up in my suite (the green room backstage).  The makeup artist arrived.  She attended to me just like a nurse.  She prepped me and stuck with me the whole time.  Any time I needed powder,  water or a little extra dose of lip gloss she was there. She made me feel so comfortable and confident.  I really think she was the only one who truly cared about my emotional well-being.  After I was all prepped and ready to go, I waited...and waited....and waited...and waited.  Equipment was set up, curtains were hung, candles were lit.  Everyone was working like little worker bees around me, but I was not allowed to help in any way, because of my condition.  Then it was "time".  I sat at the piano, unsure of how this was going to go down but excited none the less.  The music started.  My hands were shaking as I started playing, my mouth started singing, but it all felt so surreal.   It didn't quite feel natural yet.  Then they all hovered around me, talking like I wasn't even in the room while the doctor/director once-in-awhile gave me commands. "Look up to your left, down to your right, now right at the camera."  I guess I was supposed to ignore everything they were saying, yet listen to the director and sing and play the piano all at the same time.  Yeah, right!  But I somehow did, and I did it again, and again, and again, and again just like labor.  I think we went through the song 20 times, at least.  And when we were done I felt so much relief.  And when I finally saw the raw footage for the first time - wow! Yeah it was messy and weird, but it was something I played a part in and felt so blessed to have gone through, no matter how awkward or painful it was.  And I hope to do it all over again someday because I'm sure I have already forgotten about any of the pain.


Great analogy Cindy.

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