Practice Patience

Often our worries are the result of our impatience with God, not believing He will take care of our circumstances as quickly as we would like. What we don’t realize is that God may be delaying for reasons that we…

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Determine What You Can and Cannot Change

So often we worry about things that are not in our power to change. This is a waste of time and energy. Instead, we must ask God to show us what to take action on and what to let go…

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Trust in God's Goodness

When we worry, we often imply we know the best outcome for our life situations and assume if things do not go our way it will be disappointing and unfair. The truth, however, is God’s thoughts and ways are supreme…

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Make Peace

Worry is always in conflict with internal peace. Therefore, if we can make a point to create peace in our external world, our minds will find this as well. 

Look for areas in your life that need resolution, order or…

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Be a Blessing to Others

When we are worried and stressed, all focus is on ourselves. Noticing and finding ways to bless others can be a great way to redirect this focus and rid ourselves of self-absorbed worry. 

Pray for God to show you ways…

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Worship God Instead of Worry

To worship means to give reverence and devotion to something or someone. How much attention do you give your worries? Do you ruminate over these negative fearful thoughts? Are you often talking about your worries to others? 

Sacrificing your time…

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Be Okay With Discomfort

God never promised that life would be easy and care-free. When we idolize, or worse yet, feel entitled to always live in happiness and comfort, we are setting ourselves up to worry. 

Fight off the worry by focusing on what…

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Be Spiritually Minded

The Bible tells us we are made up of a body, soul, and spirit (1 Thessalonians 5:23). God’s Word also shows us that the body and soul (where worry resides) is constantly at war with our spirit, (where God’s peace…

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Release Control

Worrying is all about false control. Ruminating on thoughts about the outcome of our situations comes easy and natural, therefore, at times, feels oddly comfortable. Yet, it is really just a trick, and before we know it, we are hopeless…

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Turn Scripture Into Prayer

What are you most worried about right now? Dig into scripture to see what God says about that concern. Is there any action God directs you to take? Are there any promises you can receive? Next, read God’s Word back…

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Breathe Deeply

Deep breathing techniques have been shown to relax the body and the mind, and there is no way worry can reside in a calm and carefree environment. 

Next time you feel stressed, try this simple deep breathing exercise. Breathe in…

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Redirect Your Creativity

Worrying is a very creative activity. We think up numerous negative and worst-case scenarios to our situations that are irrational and even outrageous at times. 

Find a better way to use the imagination God has given you. Music, painting, writing…

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