Know Who You Are in Christ 

The world can tell us who we are based on the occupation we hold, what we look like, accomplish, etc. This gives us a myriad of reasons to worry because we will never find enough value in any one of these distinctions. 

God tells us something entirely different. He says we are loved and valued, not by anything we have done or haven’t done, but simply because we are His children. If we accept that truth in our lives, we are set free from the debilitating need to strive to always be something more. 

Take some…

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Celebrate All Life's Victories 

Your brain cannot stay worried if you are displaying an attitude of celebration, especially when you give God the praise and glory. Find fun healthy ways to celebrate all victories, big and small. 

This can be more than the usual holidays and milestones. Even when we are going through struggles in life, there is always something to be thankful for with Jesus. Jesus is always with you, always there to bring hope, light and joy to any situation. Look for the good, even if it is small and celebrate that. 

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Be Excited to Repent 

To repent is to make a radical turn from one way of life to another. That may sound like a strange thing to get excited about, but when we see the benefits and new life that awaits us, it is a “no-brainer”. 

Repenting from worry is to not only confess that we have worried but to have remorse about it. It is a true desire to leave the old way of thinking and turn toward a new way of thinking. Once we get to this state of repentance, we can step into a new life of peace and security in Jesus and that is…

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Serve Without Expectation 

Whenever we do things expecting to get something in return we set ourselves up for worry and disappointment. We worry that what we are doing is insignificant, that people don’t see us, don’t love us, don’t respect us, etc.  Yet when we love on others without expecting any praise or benefit we get the focused energy off of ourselves and are able to find a powerful peace. 

Jesus expresses this type of service when He washed the feet of His disciples, a task usually reserved for that of a lowly slave. He…

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Praise God 

To praise somebody is to revere, worship or adore them. In Hebrew, one of the words for praise literally means to extend or throw the hand. Think of a child putting their arms up in complete surrender and trust to the parent for whatever they need. What if we do this to our Father, God when we are worried? We lift our hands and praise Him. Even in the hardest situations, there is always something to praise God for; His presence, faithfulness, justice, comfort, strength, etc. 

Praise God in prayer, in…

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Hope in the Lord 

It is so easy to look around at the chaos in this world and lose hope; hope in justice, hope in love, hope in peace, etc. If we give into this temptation, however, we will become paralyzed with worry and despair. 

It is at this time we need to remember where real true pure hope comes from. It comes from our Lord, Jesus. It is only when we go to Him and remember the promises in His word that we can be replenished with hope. This hope is supernatural and goes beyond our circumstances. It brings light. It…

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Use Your Words Wisely 

Words are powerful. They can encourage and heal or they can discourage and hurt. Words in and of themselves can be the root of either worry or hope. 

If you want to get right to the source of your worries, listen to the words you speak to yourself and to others. Repeatedly saying, “I’ll never get out of debt,” for example, is going to quickly turn into hopelessness and stress. Speaking the opposite, “I am going to spend in such a way to reduce my debt. In five years I will be debt free!” will keep you…

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Give Up Your Agenda 

If we are honest with ourselves, we would see that we make up our own self-centered agendas for so many aspects in our lives. We think we are taking control over situations we are worried about, but this is rarely true and almost always leads to more stress and worry. 

For example, approaching a loved one with a plan to fix their problem will most often be met with a defensive posture. They are going to smell your agenda miles away and see any unhealthy motives you have. A better way to help the person…

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Hold Out Open Hands to God 

Worry is frequently about not having something we long for or losing something we cherish. Ironically though, if we obsess too much about what we want or cling too tightly to what we love we end up with more worry and less peace. 

The Bible is clear that we are to be grateful for what we have and remember that ultimately everything belongs to God.  Jesus also warns us not to idolize what we have, even good things from God. As a parent, for example, it is easy to become so wrapped up into our kids that we…

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Stop Trying so Hard 

Often worry stems from trying so hard to be someone we are not meant to be or do things we are not expected to do. We put overly high demands on ourselves and then worry we won’t attain those measures. Then, if we are worried about the situation, we put extra work into manipulating and controlling it. 

Try not trying so hard for a change. Live your life with time to reflect, observe, just “be”. Patiently allow God to direct you, rather than taking matters into your own hands. You may discover a peace and…

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